Putting Glamour in Triangle Commuter Awards

Alternative transportation lovers honored at the 2010 Golden Modes Commuter Awards Celebration.

On June 23rd, the Golden Modes  honored area residents and employees who participated in the Challenge by using an alternative mode of transportation (not driving alone) from April 15 to May 15, 2010.

Employees from IBM, BASF, RTI International and Quintiles, among others, received their SmartCommute Challenge prizes.

The two grand prize winners were Tara Hart from BASF and Cam Cao from IBM. They both received a $1,500 check.

GoTriangle and SmartCommute@rtp appreciate those who participated in this year’s Challenge. “Thank you to all of our award winners for your work and commitment throughout the year to using and promoting commute alternatives that truly make a difference in our communities – improving quality of the air we breathe, the condition of our roads and highways, the well-being of our neighbors and the options we have available,” said Shelly Epps, a GoTriangle employee and presenter at the awards ceremony.

The Challenge in fact helped to improve the air we breathe. “In just 6 weeks, Triangle commuters reduced their emissions by more than 600 tons of CO2,”said Epps.

UNC-Chapel Hill gathered 900 pledges for the Challenge. Louise Flinn, from UNC-Chapel Hill, won a Wii Fit. “Smart commuting is a no-brainer for me. Since I’m able to bus and walk to work, I drive less than 3,000 miles a year. I save money, have a less stressful commute, get a bit of exercise and sunshine and contribute to a healthier planet. I count myself really lucky that the Triangle has such great options for Smart Commuters,” said Flinn.

Attendees also heard from Chris Balish, author of “How to Live Well without Owning a Car.” He told the story of how he became an alternative transportation advocate. He also explained how alternative transportation can be more convenient than a single passenger vehicle and how you can save money by not driving your car. Don’t worry – we maintained the theme and didn’t fly Chris from LA to RDU, had him participate via Skype.

If you missed any part of the Golden Modes, like any true awards show, you can watch it on repeat online!

SmartCommute Challenge 2010 was a success and we hope you will join us in 2011. Check out the results sheet to find out the greenhouse gas reductions, gallons of gas unused, and commuter trips saved and more in this 6 week campaign!

In the meantime, there are ways you can become a SmartCommuter, in preparation for next year’s Challenge. You can take the bus, bike to work, carpool with friends or telework from home. Don’t know how, check out www.GoTriangle.org for options, tips, and even how to get your employer involved so you can have a free Emergency Ride Home and practice your smartcommute now.

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