Park It! We’ll take you the rest of the way…

Don’t live close enough to a bus route to walk or bike to a stop? You’re buying what we’re selling about reading during your commute, catching a quick nap on your way to the office, or are trying to do your part to clean the air in the Triangle, but there is no bus service near your house? Try a Park-and-Ride! Sometimes starting from a park-and-ride lot makes a trip much, much faster and we have free Park and Ride lots in more than a dozen municipalities to make it easier for you to try a smartcommute – even if it is only for a portion of your trip.

So here is my scenario: I live 13 miles from my office. That’s 26 miles roundtrip on my car – everyday and 20 of those miles are on I-40, sitting in traffic in the afternoons just waiting to get onto Wade Avenue. If I walk the quarter of a mile to the bus stop, I have to backtrack from where I start to where I’m trying to get to, and still have to transfer. Total trip time comes in at an estimated 1 hour and 8 minutes. However, less than 4 miles from my house is a Park and Ride lot, that I can leave my car, catch one bus and cut 20 miles roundtrip off of my daily commute. It takes almost the same route I take to work, and make about 3 stops. In comparison, it’s only about 5 minutes slower than if I drove myself. But in the meantime, I’m reviewing work from last week and starting my day, reading the magazines I never have time to look through at home, listening to my iPod or whatever I feel like doing. The real payoff is in the afternoons when that 10 miles takes 20 – 30 minutes thanks to the traffic. Instead of blowing fumes and wasting gas, I’m saving money and using my time. I can even calculate how much gas and money I can save in a week – even if there wasn’t traffic slowing me down!

So stop and think about it – do you knit? Do crosswords? Love a certain podcast? Need more time to plan dinner or a dream vacation? Consider using a park and ride as a way to get more ‘me time’ out of your commute. And don’t worry about getting stranded at work – that’s what the Free Emergency Ride Home program is there for!

So check to see if one of the park-and-ride lots listed here will work for your trip, and then you can just click on that link and plan your trip from there! If you need any help, don’t hesitate to call (919) 485-RIDE where a real human being can help you out in planning your trip and getting you where you need to be on time.

2 thoughts on “Park It! We’ll take you the rest of the way…

  1. I love the Park and Ride system and use it every time I ride the bus. However, I can still remember the trouble I had when I used a Park and Ride the first time. The information available on the various Triangle area transit sites is scant and what little there is of it is spread out over GoTriangle, Triangle Transit, and the various local sites.

    I’ve also found the signage at the two sites I’ve been to a little lacking. The big sign at Shelley Lake points to the wrong parking lot and the little one where the bus actually stops is pretty hard to find if you haven’t been there before. I haven’t found the sign at the Pleasant Valley Park and Ride.

    Again, I love Park and Ride and these are relatively small points. I just remember how difficult it was to start using Park and Ride.

    • JE, Thanks for following and for the feedback! I’ve already forwarded your comments about the Shelley Lake PNR to the supervisor in charge of those details. It is worth knowing, and we appreciate you giving it another try. As for Pleasant Valley, there aren’t any signs there due to the requests of the shops, but the bus stops are on Pleasant Valley Rd. on the nothern side of the shopping center.

      If you have any other tips for would-be-riders or ideas for blogs, please send them along! Thanks again!

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