Can Employee Transportation be all Fun and Games?

Yesterday Employee Transportation Coordinators and Human Resources representatives from across the Triangle gathered at Research Triangle Park to crack the Murder Mystery at the Roadrage Company. An unconventional training exercise, but what a great way to bring a lot of commute options to the forefront of discussion.

Special parking passes for employees who carpool, GoPasses for transit riders, sunscreen for those that cycle or walk their commute, and even the gas cards provided for vanpoolers were all part of the investigation to determine, “Who Killed Bert Schwinn?” The participants played the roles of detectives as they put the pieces together to identify a prime suspect and motive.

Detectives from the "TT CSI" department use strategy to deterine which suspect should be charged with murder.

In the end two “departments” identified the correct assassin and had their names entered into the grand prize drawing. Kevin Hogan, a UNC Transportation Demand Management intern was the lucky winner of a camping prize pack donated by REI in Durham.

In the end, the criminal was apprehended and commuting in the Triangle is as safe as ever… as long as you’re not driving alone. Dun…dun…dummmmmm.

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