Transit 101 – The student’s guide to the Triangle

Welcome back to the Triangle!  For those that are new, enjoy the next four years in this area. It may be bigger (or smaller) than your hometown but embrace it because it’s the place that will be the backdrop to some of your favorite memories.

For students in Durham, Bull City Rising (yes, bookmark it) has a great intro to the City of Medicine, including what spots to hit that are off the beaten path.

So how do you get to off this beaten path without a car?  Not a problem!

Through Redefine Travel, you will find information tailored to the school you attend. There are directions to shopping, downtown locations and more popular destinations, information on alternative transportation options on campus, and more.

Traveling via the local transit agencies is pretty low-cost – sometimes free – for students. Here are some resources to pay attention to:

* Duke Robertson Scholars Bus – Travels between UNC – Chapel Hill and Duke. Students ride for free and it comes every 30 minutes with drop offs at Morehead Planetarium and Duke Chapel.

* Bull City Connector – This new, fare-free service connects Golden Belt to Downtown  to Duke.  This is a great way to get around and visit some of the new spots in Durham.

* R-Line – Also a fare-free service, this takes the hassle out of driving and parking in the Downtown Raleigh loop.

* Chapel Hill Transit – this free service gets Chapel Hill and Carrboro residents around town. You won’t feel stuck on campus with several routes coming to or near campus. CHT also has real-time alerts, so you don’t have to miss the bus to class.

*GoPass – the GoPass is available at NC State and UNC, which allows you to take local transit for free. Make sure you sign up for yours today.

If transit doesn’t work for you, there are other alternatives to having to park a car on campus and driving alone.  You can carpool, car share, and bike around the Triangle.

Several schools in the area support carpooling through ride matching databases like ZimRide and GreenRides.

There are Zipcars around on a few campuses in the area, for when you need to haul things or just have a large grocery run.

If you’re into biking, there are plenty of resources in the Triangle to point you down the right greenway and trail to get you where you need to go.

So get up and get going.  Enjoy your semester and the new city you live in!

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