Get Cary-ed Away

The Town of Cary’s transit system is getting more attractive –literally. The Town of Cary worked with North Carolina artist Susan Harbage Page and this summer C-Tran unveiled designs of some bus shelters. Each of the 6 routes will have its own remodeled shelter, patterned from a historic site/building. Find out where you can find the shelters and some great places to get to along the way.

Including public art in transit, cycling and pedestrian friendly areas is one way cities and towns across the U.S. are working to make options besides a drive alone commute more appealing, infuse history into daily activities, improve public spaces, or any combination of the three. For the Town of Cary’s improvements, double-sided decals will be located on the side panel of each shelter and will describe the origin of the pattern along with Cary’s history of the site/building… just in case everyone doesn’t read our blog.

Interested in learning about what Cary has done? Here is the description of the improved bus shelter along each route, and some suggestions of why you’d be there in the first place.

Route 1 – Maynard

Design inspiration – Reeded mantels from the Nancy Jones House

Why you’d see it? Route 1 circles along Maynard Road in a clockwise direction. Head to north Cary and get off to check out Robert V. Godbold Park. With 6 lighted tennis courts and 2 lighted basketball courts. This is a great place to get in an outdoor workout even when it starts to get dark at 5:30. More extreme? Then you may be heading to the Sk8-Cary Skate Park for BMXers, inline skaters or skate boarders. Head to southeast Cary to get in some shopping at Cary Town Center or Crossroads, both serviced by Routes 1 & 2.

Route 2 – Maynard Rd.

Design inspiration – Evans House has a glass bottle wall in the basement which was the site of the “Green Door Club.” The club attracted college students from predominantly African-American colleges in the area and as far away as Greensboro.

Why you’d see it? Route 2 circles Maynard Road in a counter-clockwise direction. Take a peek at the Route 1 destinations and decide which route will get you there the quickest.

Route 3- Harrison Ave. (outbound/inbound)

Design inspiration – Linoleum with a geometric pattern found in the outbuilding at the A.M. Howard Farm.

Why you’d see it? Maybe en route to The Umstead Hotel and Spa, one of the many shopping centers along the way, a visit to the SAS Campus or an outing to North Cary Park. A great place for a picnic, game of volleyball or basketball, or the play ground for the younger folks and the climbing boulders for the adventurous.

Route 4- High House Road (outbound/inbound)

Design inspiration – Linoleum with a Chrysanthemum-like pattern found in the outbuilding at the A.M. Howard Farm

Why you’d see it? Need a ride from the Train Station to High House Road at NC 55? This is your route. Not going that far west, just over to Bond Park or the Cary Senior Center? This is your route.

Route 5- Kildaire Farm Rd. (outbound/inbound)

Design inspiration – Linoleum with a Lotus-like floral pattern found in the outbuilding at the A.M. Howard Farm

Why you’d see it? Catching a ride in from the Park and Ride at Waverly Place, visiting Wal-Mart and the other shops at Crescent Commons or grabbing some of your Trader Joe’s favorite healthy snacks after visiting Gold’s Gym in Shops of Kildaire. This route has all sorts of stops that are on your To-Do List.

Route 6- Chatham (outbound/inbound)

Design inspiration – A wallpaper pattern of connection chandeliers at the Page-Walker House prior to restoration.

Why you’d see it? Like Routes 1 & 2, Route 6 can get you over to Walnut Street Park to see more public art, but it also heads down Buck Jones and this is the route for you to make a connection. Route 6 connects to the TTA 301, 303, and 305 routes as well as the CAT 11c.

So whatever your reason, be on the lookout for the new addition to these shelters, and take a chance to sit back, relax and get Cary-ed away.

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