Best Bets by Bus – Sept 24 – 26

We’ve gotten through Hump Day and it’s almost the end of Thursday, which means Friday and YOUR WEEKEND is just around the corner.

Now that it’s here, the question remains – what to do over the weekend? We’ve made it easier to see what’s up and how to get there without your car.  Here’s what’s happening September 24-26th.

Make sure you swing by the Grand Opening of Hillsborough St. in Raleigh on Saturday September 25th. GoTriangle will be out there in the EcoZone with one of the Triangle Transit alternative fuel vans. Let’s Live It Up!
Remember, we’ll show you the way, but please make sure when planning your trip to your destination that you’re on the right departure date and time.


Location Event Transportation
Chapel Hill: Fridays on the Front Porch
Sept. , 5-8pm
Carolina Inn
211 Pittsboro St
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 No cover charge.

A popular end-of-the-work-week celebration that takes place every Friday from 5-8PM starting April 30th through October 15th . This fun event features live bluegrass music, a southern picnic buffet, drink specials, and comfortable seating on the shady front porch and lawn. No cover charge.

How to get there

Durham Banned Books Onstage
Durham County Library, 300 N. Roxboro St.   FREE admission

Featuring a selection of scenes from books that have been banned or challenged, performed by talented local actors.For More Information:(919) 560-0100

How to get there

←How to get back

Raleigh State Farmers Market

Mon.-Sat., 5am-6pm; Sun., 8am-6pm

1201 Agriculture St.

Free admission.

More than fresh vegetables, it’s a family adventure. Considered one of the best and most modern markets in the U.S., visitors enjoy 75 acres of indoor and outdoor specialty shops, restaurants and garden center, with fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and gift products from across the state.

Info: (919) 733-7417

How to get there

←How to get back


Location Event Transportation
Chapel Hill: SIGNAL 2010 – 5th Annual Southeast Electronic Music Festival

Scheduled performers include Le Castlevania, Pac Div, Roy David Jr., Tittsworth, Nick Catchdubs, Jubilee, Kooley High, DJ Odi, The Beast, The Alpha Theory, Lake Inferior, ArnHao, King Mez, Casual Curious and more.

Music performances, workshops on topics such as new software demos and seminars with some of the performers.  Venues include Cat’s Cradle, Local 506, Nightlight, Talulla’s Vespa, The Library, Jack Sprat, The Station and more.

Visit website for schedule and ticket information.

Various Chapel Hill and Carrboro Venues Chapel Hill

How to Get Around

Durham Nature Night For Kids
West Point on the Eno City Park, 5101 N Roxboro Rd.  6-9pm.
Cost $13 per child city residents, $18 non-city residents.Parents can take the night off while their kids explore the park at night, play some nature games, and do other fun activities. Ages 5-9. Pre-registration required.For More Information:(919) 471-1623
How to get there

How to get back

Raleigh Fair View – Garden Abstracts North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Museum Store & Nature Art Gallery

11 W. Jones St.Free

These paintings tell the story of the destruction of the artist’s Raleigh garden by Hurricane Fran and
the restoration in the years since. This September marks the fourteenth anniversary of Hurricane Fran. Info: (919) 733-7450

How to get there


ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION DAY! Walk, bike, scooter, or a combination of using all of the modes and get around your neighborhood.

Explore your town!

2 thoughts on “Best Bets by Bus – Sept 24 – 26

  1. The transit possibilities for weekends and evenings seems a little weak to me because, last I checked, there are few if any routes connecting the transit systems in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. I live in Durham and have great service from DATA but if I want to go to an evening event at Raleigh Memorial then I have no choice except to drive.

    I think what is needed is once an hour routes connecting the transit hubs in these three Triangle area cities running till maybe 11pm.

    Purely for commuting on a 9-5 work schedule, the systems is very good.

    • Vic, thanks for the feedback. I know there was a study done recently in the Triangle on weekend and night transit service. The planners and powers that be are reviewing those results now, so changes will be coming in the future.

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