Celebrate What’s Great – Getting to the State Fair

The best place on Earth is rolling into town – no, not the circus; it’s the NC State Fair! It’s time to ride the rides, eat everything deep fried, and sit in the traffic that consumes the roads around the State Fairgrounds.  Oh you don’t like to sit “idly” (pun intended) and watch fun pass you by? No problem – you’ve got options.

Take the State Fair Shuttles!  CAT, DATA, and Triangle Transit are running shuttles throughout the State Fair. Both DATA and CAT will run services daily, while Triangle Transit will run on the weekends.

If you’re coming from a little further away, Amtrak is also an option.  The drop-off point for passengers is on Hillsborough St. close to Gate 12.

Cost of the shuttles start at $2 round trip (That’s on DATA – Way cheaper than parking!) and go up to $5 round trip (CAT and Triangle Transit).  Children 12 and under ride for free and there is a senior citizens discount as well.

Be on the lookout for more news from Triangle Transit for a chance to win FREE fair tickets. Help us Celebrate What’s Great and ride on down to the fair!

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