Save Your Savings! Help Extend the Pre-Tax Transit Benefits

If you enjoy your daily commute via transit or vanpool, you also enjoy something a little extra – pre-tax savings.

In 2009, Congress temporarily increased the monthly limit for pre-tax transit to $230 matching the monthly amount allowed for parking expenses. If Congress does not act now to extend the increase, the pre-tax limit is subject to drop back to $120 by the end of the year.

What does that mean for you?

Through the increased benefit, transit riders saved up to $500 a year and is a win for commuters because it slashes the cost of getting to work; it’s a win for businesses and employers who enjoy a significant tax break that covers the cost of the benefit and still provides a tax savings. Plus for your local transit agencies, the boost in ridership helps create a better service to get you around the Triangle.

How Can YOU Help?

Act now and help us in our efforts to extend the pre-tax parity before the end of the year – sign the petition that’s going to Congress! Let them know that favoring parking over transit is not in the best interested of their constituents.

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