Wanna free ride to a Hurricanes game?

A free bus to the game!

It's a Caniac Thing

Attention Caniacs!!  If you want to arrive in style and with a little more cash in your pocket, take the Pepsi Caniac Coach to the next game.  This FREE  bus provides convenient  service to and from the Carolina Hurricanes games, the NHL All-Star game, and select concerts and other events at the RBC Center. 

Word on the streets (and by streets I mean Hurricane fan boards on the internets) is that the bus is pretty cool but sadly empty. This bus has comfortable seats, a TV, and  a bathroom–  think less R-line and more rock star tour bus.  It’s next scheduled run is for the Dec. 18th game against the Anaheim Ducks.

Aside from a stylish ride, the bus provides access to the RBC South VIP entrance usually reserved for players and select staff.  Riders can board the bus at several interesections near Pepsi Partner restaurants in the Downtown Raleigh, Glenwood South, and the North Hills area.  The buses depart 20 minutes after the game and riders are dropped off at their pickup location.

Sponsored by Pepsi Bottling Ventures, the Carolina Hurricanes and other area businesses, this bus can save you the price of parking and the hassle of dealing with game-related congestion.  With the price, the VIP treatment, and the convenience it seems like a pretty sweet deal to us at GoTriangle, but no one here has had the chance to take advantage of it.  If you’ve been on the Caniac Coach, we’d love to hear from you!  Bonus brownie points if you’ve got pictures.

8 thoughts on “Wanna free ride to a Hurricanes game?

  1. I live in Brier Creek. I’d love to ride this shuttle bus to the games any way it can make a stop in brier creek? Just wondering.

    • Hey Susie!

      We’ll pass along this information to the folks that run the Caniac Coach. There is a CAT bus that comes to the Walmart in Brier Creek. Use that as a starting point and you can get downtown to one of the shuttle stops, and grab some dinner before the game! Use the Trip Planner on GoTriangle.org or even put your information into Google Maps, choose the transit option and plan your trip from there.

  2. tell the bus driver to come to harlan ky to pick up marcus fields he want join the fun he is on dailysis and need a kidney transplant can he bring his pet spider along. were she can have fun too.

    • “Due to street closures associated with New Year’s Eve festivities, the Downtown bus route will not be running for the December 31st, Hurricanes vs. Canadians game. However, buses will be added to the Glenwood South route to accommodate those Pepsi Caniac Coach patrons.”

      Check out http://www.caniaccoach.com/index.html for more information.

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