Bigger and Better in 2011!

2011 is here and we are ready to start the year with you in mind, so we are looking for your feedback.

2010 has been a good year for GoTriangle:

  • Another successful SmartCommute Challenge season (more details on the 2011 Challenge coming soon!)
  • Bull City Summer Streets – the first open street, car-free event in the Triangle
  • Redefine Travel (our University program) joined Foursquare and started their blog
  • Most importantly, we started the GoTriangle blog!

So, thank you very much for reading/subscribing and supporting sustainable commuting in the Triangle! We hope you’ll stick around, because there’s more coming. As we start the new year, we’re always looking for ways to improve what we do so that you, our readers and commuters, can get the information you need.

Can I ask you a question?

Actually a few questions – It won’t hurt, I promise.

So, what is GoTriangle about to you? What’s the first topic that pops in your head when you think of this joint? What would you like to see more (or less) of here?What do you like the most about the blog?

If you have time to give us your full feedback, please do! OR please leave your comments below. Comments can range anywhere from what topics you would like to see covered to design improvements to new features you would like to see. Dream big!

We aim to address all of the comments and feedback throughout the year, because that’s the point – to make this blog better for YOU!

Thanks in advance and we look forward to what you share.


GoTriangle Blog Team

4 thoughts on “Bigger and Better in 2011!

  1. I am a regular rider on the 301 from Cary to Raleigh. On average I have no complaints but lately your system has been competing with the CAT bus system. Drivers are not knowledgable on stops and force riders to aimlessly chose stops. For example the man on the bus with me now wants to get off at Cary Towne center and was told he must push the button because the driver will not stop by him just saying next stop. Wow… This is his first time riding and that would be enough to hinder me from continuing. All in all your drivers, especially the newer ones, are rude and unnecessary brutal towards riders. There are so many more examples but I fear my concerns will fall on deaf ears. Again I appreciate the safe ride to and from work. But don’t appreciate the words used by drivers!

  2. Hi… My first time ride public CAT bus for 2 week. I notice there is few that CAT company need to get fix on few issue that are important to deaf people.

    We can’t hear your speaker in bus while driving… let us know what number bus that will transfer to other bus…… We can’t hear that… we have to use our head to look “out” window to see what road we are on and what next road that we need get off. Need add msgs board in bus for everyone to see date and time and bus number.

    I very strong suggest you to add road name in bus msgs board while driving bus routes. So that way we will not missing where we should get off. I see date and time and bus number that it…. you need add main road that bus is plan to pass that main road… need that main road post on. We are deaf and we have hard time to asking other people where we are now… We have problem with our speak to people… most them not understand what we try to said. Of course we missing bus stop because we see road while we pass that road…… so we have to wait next stop…. we end up walk long way back that we should get off at first place. It happen many time.

    At Moore Squre Bus Sataton…. NEEED update MAP on near information center where we buy bus ticket and get bus routes bookie at…. NEED change map since that map is very old and some routes is no longer use is still there on map. So please change it soon because I got lost once because of that map. Thank you for a long scare cold walk for me because of that old map. NEED ADD MAP (pdf) in it…. not word said — right then left then left then right…. too much headach to try figure out with raleigh nc map …. better off to post map online… and also since Moore Squre did not update map there too.

    At Moore Squre bus station….. woman bathroom is nasy!!!

    I think that alll…. If I think add more, I will email to Cat for feedback and suggest to them.

    • HI Jennifer and Dymonique – I’ve sent both of your comments over to the Directors of Operations of CAT and Triangle Transit. Hopefully we’ll have more information about the situation for you. We continue to work to make transit in the Triangle comfortable and useful to it’s riders. Thank you for your feedback! We really appreciate it!

  3. Dymonique
    I see same thing too… but I look at CAT policy… they said we have to push/ pull cord to let driver know that we want to stop…. that their policy… I think it silly policy for new people that don’t know what to do when ride bus… I did ask bus drive to stop… he did stop for me and show me how to push/ pull cord to stop bus… I thanks to him for teach me. I learning. Sometime I ask stop someone push/pull cord for me…. I thanks people do for me. I start learning how to use/ ride bus. I getting better understand how to use bus.

    Some time drive have little attitude to people… It happen to me once, I just keep smile at him and stay cool. After that… he were nice to me since. Most important is not to give attitude to driver it don’t matter if driver give attitude to us. That way to build better relationship with driver…. driver will remember me and will be nice to me.

    2 week ago… my first time use bus and I NEVER be on bus in my whole life. I did ride subway and light rail before but never be on bus… I ride car since high school… I try save money on car, gas, ect… So, ride bus is total new to me… I really like ride bus now because I don’t have to pay car payment, auto ins, oil change, gas, ect….. it really total save my money so I can redirect my money to other thing that need to pay for.

    Anyways… sound like you ride bus for long time… I still new. 🙂


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