Planning a Transit Trip? Google It!

Members of the GoTriangle family of services are now on Google Maps.  The next time you look for  directions, you can find a route using Google Transit.

Here’s an example of a trip from Cary to Downtown Raleigh looks like in Google Transit:

1. Click the bus – Google also let’s you choose your preferred method of transit, what time you want to depart or arrive, and if you want fewer transfers, if you want to walk less to the stops or the best route.

2. You can then choose from 3 of the best routes based on the next departing bus.

3. Then follow the steps.  It starts with your walking to the closest stop and then which transit agency and route to take.

All of the agencies are color-coded:


C-Tran is ORANGE

Chapel Hill Transit is LIGHT BLUE


Triangle Transit is GREEN


It even shows you the stop number, the direction the route is going and other information when you click on the map.

See where your stops are on the map

Google Transit is a complementary tool to the GoTriangle Trip Planner.  The current Trip Planner is good for getting information based on the stop names and locations and for pre-planning trips.  Google Transit is workable option because it overcomes a barrier to transit usage. Google Transit, which is accessible from any computer or mobile phone, makes understanding the logistics behind bus schedules, a thing of the past.


Other reasons why being on Google Transit makes GoTriangle awesome:


  • Allows for on the spot trip planning  with integration into Google Mobile Apps, allowing for searches on smart phones
  • Utilizes Google search, giving riders more options for starting and destination points, making for a smoother trip planning experiences
    • Google is one of the top ten recognizable and respected brands in the world. The Triangle gains favorable exposure and basks in the glow of the Google brand.
    • Increase awareness of public transit as an alternative choice.
    • The users of local transit will be ecstatic! Everywhere we checked on the web, everyone we spoke to, reported their customers responded positively to Google Transit, even if there was already a local trip planner in place because Google made taking transit easier. Customers didn’t need an address.
  • Transit ridership increases! Although Google will not release local map visits, evidence from various transit companies that have implemented Google Transit indicate ridership gains.


Now you give it a whirl! Let us know what you think of having Google Transit available in the Triangle – leave us a comment!

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