Obama’s “Build Week” Travels to Raleigh

‘Build Week’ Tour Highlights Transportation Projects

The tour began yesterday in the Capital City and highlighted CAT’s new energy-efficient bus maintenance facility that’s helping one of America’s fastest growing cities meet rising demand for safe, efficient public transportation. The $28.6 million facility now under construction, being built with $22.3 million from the Federal Transit Administration, is one of several federally funded projects around the nation that are moving America closer to meeting the goal President Obama set forth in his State of the Union Address to “out-build the rest of the world.”

CAT’s new 23-acre operations and maintenance facility, which will potentially accommodate 200 transit buses up from 50 today, incorporates a number of “green” technologies, including geothermal heating and cooling, water cisterns for external irrigation,  natural light for work spaces, and the use of recycled and rapidly renewable resources.

Raleigh was one of the first stops on the Obama Administration’s “Build Week,” a week-long tour by Administration officials to showcase projects that are already making a big difference in the economy by spurring private sector investment and creating jobs in the communities where they are being built.

Along with the excitement of the “Build Week” tour,  the Federal Transit Administration announced that $3 billion in formula funding will be available to states, local communities and transit agencies nationwide to modernize and rebuild their transportation systems. These funds serve as the lifeblood in the federal partnership with states and communities seeking to build new infrastructure, invest in more transit options, make repairs to existing bus and rail lines, and to ensure transit serving rural areas receives much-needed operating funds.

This is an exciting week for transit!

Read more about “Build Week” on the Fast Lane: US DOT Blog

2 thoughts on “Obama’s “Build Week” Travels to Raleigh

  1. I think that Florida needs a little TLC as well. This state caters to the traveler. This is the home of Disney and resorts, beaches, endless miles of ocean to swim and fish in. It is also in desparate need of mass transit. We need to be able to connect Tampa with Naples. West Palm Beach with Clearwater, etc…. What buses do exist are few and far between. I’m a former commuter from New York and New Jersey. Florida really needs a system like that!

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