And the winner is….

”]In case you didn’t see this on Facebook (won’t you be our Valentine by liking us?), Jennifer Miller is the winner of our love story contest.


Her story, submitted as a comment on this very blog, gave us all warm fuzzies:

This is not a romantic love story, but it is a story of loving friends. When I first moved to Raleigh, I used to take the CAT bus to NC State. Every morning an older woman would ride the bus to her job on campus. It was clear she knew a lot of people on the bus and they would greet each other and chat everyday. She talked about how she was just about ready to retire and move to live near her kids and grandkids. On her last day of work, her friends threw her a surprise retirement party on the bus, with a card and going away presents. It was very sweet!

Awwwww! See! That’s what we’re talking about– getting to work is fun if you ride with a bus full of your friends.  If you’re looking for a little more romance, check out this story about a New Jersey man’s proposal on the bus.

No matter how you feel about this day, I hope we can all agree how thankful we are for the bus drivers that get us where we need to go.  Here’s a video guaranteed to get you in the mood (for friendship!):

Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at GoTriangle!

One thought on “And the winner is….

  1. Definitely like the etched glass background on the bus shelters throughout Cary. Please continue to keep all new designs simple & elegant such as this.

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