Are you still feeling the love?

Did Valentine’s Day leave you less than satisfied? Are you itching to make a bigger commitment? Check out Marry Durham to get the details on what promises to be a fantastic March event.

On  Saturday, March 19th all those who love the Bull City are invited to come together in transit-friendly downtown Durham for a mass civil union. As with all marriages, this one is not to be entered into (too) lightly. Durham only wants your hand if you can vow to shop locally, protect its natural resources, keep the city safe and clean, support the arts and non-profits, cherish its diversity and elect responsible community leaders.

There’s going to be a parade, music, and plenty of awesome local food available for purchase. There are also tons of ways for those interested to get involved.  Submit your personal love story, sign up to volunteer, or even break out your crayons and get all lovey dovey with Marry Durham’s very own coloring book page and post it for all the world to see! There are also several wedding packages available for purchase if you’d like to lend some financial support to the cause.

All proceeds of the event go to five Durham-based non-profits– the Eno River Association, Genesis Home, Latino Community Development Center, and The Scrap Exchange.

We at GoTriangle would like to remind you that you can arrive in style  (and make good on your wedding vow to keep Durham clean) by taking the bus. Check out the trip planner or Google Transit to figure out the best route.



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