What would you do with $620?

Me – I would maybe get an iPad. Or Add to my savings account. Or even do a small home renovation (I’m big on DIY projects around the house.)

What if you had an extra 25 hours a year? What would you do with an addition day to go with your 365?

They say time is money, and in this case it’s true. In the recent 2010 Urban Mobility Report conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute, they calculated the costliest and worst (time-wise) commutes in America. In Raleigh, commuters spend, on average, $620 a year in commuting cost. With gas prices inching up overnight and the possibility of prices going well into the $4.00 range, that extra $620 will be nice.

So what would you do for an extra $620 a year? Would you consider changing your commute? Let us know in the comments below, what will push you to think about how you get around the Triangle in a new way.

Take a look at some infographics of the costliest and worst commutes:

Things that make you go “Hmmmm…”
Signing off,

2 thoughts on “What would you do with $620?

  1. I started using the Durham-Raleigh express bus at the beginning of February. Now, I can’t imagine why I spent the last year driving 300+ miles a week just to get to and from work. The bus has yet to be late or delayed for any significant amount of time. I actually look forward to the ride, as it’s a great time to read/unwind/space-out!

  2. I copy and paste what this blog said….
    “In Raleigh, commuters spend, on average, $620 a year in commuting cost.”

    My is not $620 avg a year. My is about $3,600 avg a year…… Now I ride bus and I SAVE $3,600 a year!!

    I used to live in country area… I drive to Raleigh NC and it was 1 hour in one way and do this for everyday for 5 day a week… Gas cost me about $200 per a month and that $200 is only for work and home… I don’t add other for fun or trip…. $100 for auto insurance… total is $300 a month… Without add the fun/ trip and that cost me about $100 extra per month. I don’t add car payment because it only do for 3 to 6 year to pay off… so I don’t count that… But $300 still kill my budget. After I lost my job and car, I move and live in Raleigh NC…. I was sooo wrong about bus service. It really do save me more money than I thought. And I can afford go out have fun more than before… Because bus is almost everywhere I need to go and it only $2 a day for unlimited ride on CAT bus service.



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