Ford’s ready for rising gas prices?

Did anybody else hear that interview with William Clay Ford, Jr., executive chairman of the board of directors of Ford Motor Co., on today’s Morning Edition?

He certainly has some interesting things to say about the new electric Focus and the future of global gridlock. The number of cars worldwide is expected to increase from 800 million today to 2-3 billion by 2050. The paralyzing congestion from too many cars and not enough room can be solved, Ford says, through smart technologies that will allow our cars to “talk” to each other.  Smarter personal transportation systems will in turn increase efficiency– parking spots can be reserved in advance and connected cars can re-route using GPS if traffic gets too snarly.

Funny how public transit isn’t mentioned at all. I’m afraid my eighth grade English teacher would have told Mr. Ford to KISS it (Keep It Simple,  Stupid!). If the problem is too many cars on the road, the solution is to reduce that number. Public transit and ridesharing certainly seem like easier pills to swallow.

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