More “Art in Transit” around the Triangle!

As you know, we are holding an open call to visual artists, (just a reminder – all submissions are due March 14th!) but we’re not the only ones seeing the beauty in all things transit.

Cary Transit (C-Tran),  just unveiled their newly installed artistic shelters. The six new shelters have etched glass panel artwork that feature symbols  identified within historic homes and structures in Cary.  Each route has its own specific artwork and each shelter also has a decal to educate the passengers on the artwork. You can find these decorative shelters on North Harrison Ave. (two locations), East Maynard and Tate Rd (two locations), Kildaire Farm Rd., and Highland Village.   So when you’re out and about in Cary, stop to see the art in everything and go take the bus to get there! 🙂

Above are two of my favorites,  (l) Shelter located at Highland Village and (r) Shelter located on Kildaire Farm Rd. @ Western Wake Medical Center. Have you seen the new shelters? What do you think? Where would you like to see more art in transit? Let us know in the comments below!

Signing off,


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