Are You Up for the Challenge?

Can you handle it – a day without driving alone? Don’t be scared! Take the Challenge – the SmartCommute Challenge.

Every Spring, we here at GoTriangle with the help of our friends and family of services, put on the annual SmartCommute Challenge. From April 1 to June 1, we encourage Triangle commuters to try an alternative commute (not driving alone) to work or campus such as:

  • riding the bus
  • carpooling
  • vanpooling
  • teleworking or compressed workweek
  • biking or walking

So who can take the challenge? Everyone! Weeellll as long as you live or work in Durham, Orange, or Wake counties. But still according to the 2010 Census, that’s a lot of people!

How do you take the Challenge? Starting April 1st you can sign up online or you can come to our kick-off and sign up. The kick-off will be tons of fun. You’ll learn what your new commute options are, we’ll help you plan your trips, you can get your bike checked by REI, and you can pick up some cool free stuff. Free? Who doesn’t like free stuff?! Just let us know you’re coming and RSVP, please.

Why would I take the Challenge? For a few reasons – to cut down on traffic on 40, 85, 70, the Beltline, 540, and if you’re leaving UNC, 54 is a BEAST starting at 4:30. Also, have you seen the gas prices lately?? I don’t know about you but I’m looking for any way to not have to pay $60 every week to fill up. Even just a couple of days not driving saves some money. Those reasons, along with the benefits to your health, improvements to the air quality in the Triangle and the fact that it’s good for the environment, is enough to try it at least once! Oh yeah, did I forget to mention there’s a chance to win cash and other prizes. Yeah, that’s a bonus.

So come on out to the kick-off, take the Challenge and Breathe Easy!

Signing off,


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