Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! If you happen to have the day off work  or your kids are on spring break, I’ve got a few activities that you can do to celebrate!

Fare-Free Day! Triangle Transit routes 100, 400, 700 and 800 will be free all day.  Hop on board and take a ride around town.  Take pictures or videos of your adventures (in case you didn’t hear, there’s a photo and video contest going on during the Challenge) and let us know how your day was!

I<3 Transit! This one is easy and also free! American Public Transportation Association (APTA) is launching “I ❤ Transit”(I heart transit), a mobile text campaign, to demonstrate the importance of public transportation to individuals, communities and the nation.  So while you’re enjoying fare-free day, show your support for increased public transit funding by simply texting “transit” to 86677.

Complete your Challenge pledge! What better day to take the SmartCommute Challenge than on Earth Day. It’s so perfect, it’s almost poetic.

3 free ways to be green on the greenest holiday there is.  Let us know in the comments how you celebrated!

Signing off,


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