Cycling Fun for All Ages: LEGOs and Legs Go

LEGO my Car?

The second annual BrickMagic LEGO Festival, being held at the Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown on this weekend, May 7-8. The Guest of Honor this year is professional LEGO builder Sean Kenney, who’s a big supporter and advocate for transportation alternatives—he doesn’t own a car, and he rides a bike to work every day in New York City.

As part of his goal of reducing traffic and making streets much safer and more enjoyable for everyone, at BrickMagic he’ll be letting fans of all ages use LEGO bricks to build the gnarliest, worst, clogged up traffic jam in the world, while he adds a FULL-SIZE BICYCLE towering over it, made entirely of LEGO bricks.

You can find out more about Sean and his bicycle build at:

High School Cyclists Riding through History

A group of high school students will be commemorating the sesquecentennial of the Civil War by retracing where some of their ancestors were during the years of the Civil War and slavery. The trip combines history, healthy exercise, comraderie, and mental and physical conditioning.

The students call themselves SpokeNRevolutions, and they are a nonprofit group under the umbrella of the reCYCLEry NC. The students describe themselves as “thoughtful, smart high-school students who enjoy physical challenges, but don’t often find themselves on competitive teams, such as football, basketball and soccer”, have been training hard. Visit their website and you will be impressed.

Here is a recent article about the students that appeared in the Daily Tar Heel.

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