What’s a Bike Bus?

Is it my bike on a bus? Am I going to bus to my bike? If you’re intrigued and want to find out what a “bike bus” is, you’ll have a chance on May 16th in Durham.

If you work in downtown Durham and live in the ‘burbs or have easy access to I-40, please consider biking to work on May 16! This is a great chance to see the American Tobacco Trail if you have never ridden it before.

• Monday, May 16, 7:30 a.m. departure
Bike to Work Week is May 16-20. Ride your bike to work on May 16 by joining the commuter “Bike Bus” route from the American Tobacco Trail parking lot, located at the corner of Fayetteville Road and Southpoint Crossing Drive to downtown Durham. Cyclists can join the ride at multiple “bus stops” along the trail. Vehicle parking is available at the trailhead near Southpoint Crossing Shopping Center and at Solite Park. Sponsored by the Durham Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission
– 7:30 a.m. “Bike Bus” departs from the trailhead near Southpoint Crossing (Kroger) Shopping Center and Fayetteville Road
– 7:45 a.m. South side of Woodcroft Parkway
– 7:55 a.m. Picnic shelter at Solite Park
– 8 a.m. North side of Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway
– 8:15 a.m. East side of Fayetteville Street (near Fayetteville Street Elementary School)
– 8:30 a.m. Reach trailhead at Morehead Avenue near the American Tobacco Campus (downtown)

Have Fun!

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