Local Spotlight: Sugarland

What do you think about when you hear the word “Sugarland”?  Personally, I think of colorful fields with rainbows, unicorns prancing around, trees made of chocolate, flowers made of chewy sweets, and cotton candy clouds….but I’m sure I’m the only one with that vision.  When UNC students hear the word Sugarland, they think about a quaint store on Franklin Street with cupcakes to fit any preference.

Last week on my bus riding adventure to Chapel Hill, the Triangle Transit 400/405 route stopped directly in front of Sugarland.  Now I’m from Durham so I had never heard of this place, but I am SO glad that I know about it now. After being dazzled by the colors and name, I had no choice but to at least go in and check it out.

Disappointment? I think not! Yes, the cupcake was hands down the best one I’ve ever had, Keyword: Ever, but I’d also give the staff a 5-Star Rating.

Casey Sigmon greeted me from behind the register when I walked in.  When I told her about possibly featuring Sugarland as a Local Spotlight, she graciously accepted my idea to ask her a few questions. Not only that, she offered me a FREE CUPCAKE.  What kind of cupcake did I choose? While there is a cupcake or gelato flavor for every kind of sugar fanatic, I went with French Vanilla of course, definitely the best decision I made that week.

Need pastries or a cake for a special occasion? The great people at Sugarland have that covered too! But beware, it may be impossible to look at all the cupcakes and not purchase at least one.

I will definitely be a repeat customer, plus the convenience of its location is unmatched.  Sugarland is literally the first thing you see when getting off on stop 4 of the 400/405 Triangle Transit bus.

“Sometimes a bus running late is the best thing because you can get a cupcake!”- Casey Sigmon from Sugarland

I’ll keep you all updated with other great spots I find on my transit adventures!

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