Bike ride a ‘Century’ long

Eileen flashes a smile

As Triangle Transit’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Eileen Philips tells everyone, from kids on field trips to seniors looking for an eco-friendly alternative to driving alone, what the bus can do for you. If you ask her what she does though, she’s more likely to tell you that she’s there to motivate.

“I’m a motivator,” says Eileen. “I’m happy when I can inspire people to do good things for themselves.”

Last year we profiled Eileen as she prepared for her first triathlon with Team in Training for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This past Sunday she completed the Full Century at the Fletcher Flyer, a 100 mile bike ride that took her through the rolling hills of Western NC. 

How did you prepare for the Flyer?
We trained hard on the roads of Orange and Wake Couty.

Gives us the deets! How long did it take you to ride 100 miles?
I started at 8:15am and ended at 5:13pm.  We had a SAG stop at every twenty miles, and I took advantage of all of them.

What was the most challenging part of the route?
Well, the heat was challenging (90 degrees)… even though the race route was a nice roller, there was one hill as we rode by a golf course that almost broke me!

What’s the deal with the pig on your helmet?
During our training season, we frequently trained on a hill on ‘Apex Barbeque’ Road, so the pig is symbolic of NC Barbeque.

Was it a closed course or did you have to contend with traffic? Any advice on dealing with cars?
The course was on open roads, it is always a good idea to act as if you are on an open road even when you are not.  Always stay to the right and make sure you are using signals to communicate with motorists.

Any advice for people who are hesitant to start bike riding?
Join a bike club or sign-up for a TEAM In Training cycling event.  TEAM In Training not only provides excellent beginner cycling instruction, but also raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

 You started working out a while ago. What triggered the change?
I want to be healthy in every sense of the word, so I continue to challenge myself. The real “secret” is calories in and calories burned.  Just eat whole foods and not too much, then exercise everyday for at least 45 minutes.

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