Beating the Commute

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and decided that I wanted to become a SmartCommuter.  Yes, I know the SmartCommute Challenge ended last week.  I guess you can say I heard my calling a bit late.  Anyway, I feel like as the new Marketing Intern, I should start to practice what I preach and use alternative transportation.

That being said, I made some calls to find a bike I could borrow for the summer.  Luckily, one of my friends is out of town all summer so… I’ll use his while he’s gone. Perfect!  Now, in order to not look like a newbie bike rider I decided that I needed some gear so I raided the storage room at the office and gathered any biking materials I saw, including the wildly entertaining bike reflector lights. 

When I got to his house and walked into his garage. There were four bikes hanging up on a bike rack. Choices! Sweet! I carefully inspected each bike to see which one would make me the most ELITE SmartCommuter.  Naturally, I chose the biggest one he had to avoid being the grown man who still rides a child-sized bike.

With bike and gear in hand, looks like I’m an official SmartCommuter…False.  When I got the bike home and told my mom how I was now official and deserved some respect that was immediately shot down with her telling me I needed a helmet and can’t do anything until I get one.  Ok, that’s not too bad I thought.  I could just go to Target and get one really quick. 

Headed out the door to pick up a helmet, I decided to check out this bike one more time.  Duh Duh De Duhh (Dramatic Theme Music) disappointment ensued…all of my tires were flat.  Why did I not check the tires before I left my friend’s house?  Good question fellow SmartCommuter’s.  Good question.

After fifteen minutes of pumping, I noticed that both tires were as flat as the ground… still.  Needless to say, yesterday I did not become an official SmartCommuter… If there’s anything to learn from this, it’s that it is never too late to take the SmartCommute Challenge, even if the actual challenge is over.  But more importantly, you should avoid being like me and do a little preparation before accepting the challenge.

What’s next? A new bike or new tires?  The vote is still out!

5 thoughts on “Beating the Commute

  1. Hey Go check Craigslist you will find many good use bike… Make sure you get RIGHT SIZE bike. Here link for you to check for right size.

    Mountain bike size

    Road bike size

    Picture show you how to know that bike is really right size for you

    I don’t know which you plan get —- Mountain or Road Bike or other? If you not sure I strong suggest you go to any Bike shop to ask few question before you go ahead buy one. I know Bike shop cost more but asking question is priceless… After ask few question then go to Target or Walmart store to get one. IF you want cheap bike. I went to Trek bike shop and few question… they said I maybe will use Mountain more than road bike… so I went to Walmart to get Mountain bike since it cheaper. I rode bike for long time…. I replace my bike every year since it cheap not best bike make… I basic tried pay bike every year, it cost me $125 a year.. so I went back to Trek bike shop…. They said I ride too much in high miles therefore I need good bike that will good for 10 year… they suggest me use Road bike since I want fast ride and easy transport. So I end up get Trek Lexa S it cost me @$1000 I can’t pay so it is in layaway right now… will payoff this July or Aug. I knew it will be very worthy to save for best bike and that will good for 10 year.

    My friend got very nice Trek bike from Craigslist. I wish I knew about that, I knew it will save me lot money… So… I suggest you to check it out it will save you lot money on better or best bike.

    I don’t know what your budget. If you want smart commute….?? Then invest better bike that will good for long time. If you can’t afford right now… I suggest you go to Target or Walmart to get one then start saving money for few month to get better or best bike… Trust me it will be worthy your money.

    Good luck with bicycle and commute.

    Jennifer Pearsall

  2. My bad. I wouldn’t have let you get that if I knew the tires were flat. Try putting some new tubes in the tires. They shouldn’t cost that much…definitely cheaper than a new bike. Good luck getting it situated.

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