Durham Does Father’s Day

There are an invisible set of rules and characteristics that every man must abide by…Man Law.  In this sacred code, lie two of the most vital characteristics.  These characteristics state that ALL men like beer and burgers.  Throughout my years as an adult I have seen these traits to be true. 

Now that you have been enlightened with this knowledge about mankind, where are you going to take your father for Father’s Day on June 19th? DING!  You’re correct, a place with beer and burgers!  I just so happen to know the perfect place.

Heaven perhaps?  Your dad may think so on Father’s Day if treated to this jewel in Durham. 

Now what is a family outing without “Man’s Best Friend?” Well, no worries there, I’m happy to inform you that the patio in the rear of Bull City Burger and Brewery is dog friendly.


When I saw the words Bull City, Burger, and Brewery, I knew this restaurant would have a special place in my heart.  Then the words that took it from special to rock star status “Eat Pasture Raised Beef and Drink Freshly Brewed Beer.” 


Walking in, it’s surprising to see just how big this place is, you’ll see a glass wall with huge tanks behind it where the brewing is taking place. To the back of the restaurant, you can place your orders and watch the cooks hand craft the patties.


Everything about Bull City Burger and Brewery is fresh.  Partly because it just opened in March of this year, but mostly because everything is actually fresh.  North Carolina Farmers produce the beef which is ground daily, the beer is made in the restaurant, and even the hamburger buns are baked daily.

Along with all of the food being fresh, the owner Seth Gross prides himself on being eco-friendly.  The tables are made from old barn material, many of the lights are LED, and even the water heater is 95% efficient.  But wait, there’s more!  Bull City Burger promotes the use of public/alternative transit!  There are links to the Bull City Connector on their website and there are also newly installed bike racks on the patio. 


If you’re like me and still don’t have anything planned for your dad on Father’s Day, Bull City Burger & Brewery may be the spot for you.  If you do choose this route, beware that downtown parking can be a challenge.  However, there are a few parking decks within blocks of the restaurant which are free after 7pm, or, as always, you can hop on the Bull City Connector.

But what if your dad isn’t a fan of beer or burgers?  There are so many other things available to do in downtown Durham for Father’s Day.  Spend the evening outside listening to live music. There’s a Pops for Pops Concert at the American Tobacco Campus Amphitheatre that will feature the Durham Community Concert Band & Durham Jazz Orchestra. 

Looking for less music more laughter?  World famous entertainer Martin Lawrence will also be performing at DPAC on Father’s Day.  Personally, I am a big fan of this guy and I’m sure his comedy show will be a great time.

Have a good Father’s Day.

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