The One About Motivation

What is the driving force that makes you

…run a marathon.

…eat healthier.

…go that extra mile in cake decorating class.

MOTIVATION! For me it makes me wake up with the roosters and workout, but I have no idea how to bottle it up and spread it around for my job. Trust me, if I knew how I’d be writing this post from an exotic locale and not at my desk.  So back to work, is making people change their commuting habits that hard? What motivates people to leave their car at home and use sustainable modes of travel – Money? Health benefits? Convenience? Environmental benefits?

As we here at GoTriangle continue on our quest to motivate you and encourage you to change how you get around the Triangle, tell us what motivates you on a daily basis. Your comments will help us create better programs for you!

While you’re thinking about it (or working on your comment), take a look at this fun animation on motivation.

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