Thank Me Later


How do you feel when someone says that to you?  Well those words typically make me feel like whatever task I did meant something. 

In this “rush first, think later” kind of environment, I’ve found that “Thank You” is becoming less and less a part of our vocabulary.  Its not because people aren’t thankful anymore, we just don’t take the time to say so.

In my short time working at GoTriangle, I’ve seen how much saying “thank you” means to this company.  Last month it was my job to reward some Dump the Pump Day winners with gift cards.  My supervisor Lauren gave me three items to complete this task. The envelopes, the gift cards, and some blank “thank you” cards.    

Why was I writing thank you cards to people who I’m sending FREE prizes to?!?  That whole idea greatly perplexed me until one week ago today…


I went to the annual GoTriangle Golden Modes award ceremony in Raleigh. For those who don’t know, the Golden Modes is an event aimed to honor the people who participated in the SmartCommute Challenge and the conscientious companies who promoted it to their employees.

My duty at the Golden Modes was to take pictures and videos of the attendees and prizewinners.  This was difficult enough to do while attempting to still watch the event.  The audio/video professional that recorded the ceremony probably thought I was a complete loser trying to operate two cameras at once.

The event went very well and a lot of people went home happy.  However, seeing these people happy isn’t what made me understand why I was sending thank you cards out last month.  That part came from Triangle Transit general manager, David King.

Once the ceremony ended, I was scrambling around trying and find people to get event reactions from.  After I got declined by about 80% of the people I asked, I saw Mr. King. 

I thought to myself “this man probably has so many other things on his mind than answering questions from ‘The Intern’”, but I still gave it a try and asked him if he had time to talk. He did, and what he said about taking the time to thank people really brought everything together for me.

“The fact that we pause here once a year to recognize these folks is really heart-warming.” – David King

ONE day out of 365, to say thank you to the people who make GoTriangle as successful as it is…THIS is the thought, which helped me understand why I was writing thank you cards a month prior.  

Because of the people I work with, I now know how important those two words are.  Below is the link to the Golden Modes: Recap video with Mr. King’s interview.

The Golden Modes: Recap

Also, I encourage anyone reading this blog to take the time to say thank you to the people in your lives everyday.  You never know, it could mean more to them than you think. Thanks for reading!





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