Beat the Heat

Summer… the fastest passing season of the entire year.  For most it’s a season that you don’t want to end.  Not me.  I have quite literally been counting down the days until this unbearable heat is over.  Anyone who knows me knows that when summer starts I will NOT be outside during the day, for any reason. 

However, every morning at 6:45am I wake up and run a few miles to start my day and while doing so, I often wonder, how can anyone  like a season that spits out 89° temperatures at 6:45am?  NOT COOL.  That thought got me thinking about another major reason I absolutely dislike summer. 

You know the feeling when you open your car door and you’re greeted with a heat wave blasting against your face? Then, you realize that you have to sit in this inferno until the A/C kicks in.  THIS IS THE WORST! And don’t even get me started on leather car seats in the summertime!

So yesterday, I was leaving the office and opened my car door.  Yep, the usual heat wave hit me and made me increasingly mad about this problem.  Not to mention another one of my pet peeves welcomed me on my dashboard by lighting up and telling me that I had no gas.

So while I was sweating and thinking of ways to fix these problems, it hit me.  The answer was in the parking lot behind our offices, the Regional Transit Center. 

I thought to myself, the buses are air conditioned extremely well and gas fees would be nonexistent, so why don’t more people ride the bus?  I came to the conclusion that maybe my extreme hatred for summer is an anomaly.  Maybe the average person actually likes getting in a hot car and rolling the windows down.  

Well whatever the reason may be, I know for a fact that once school starts I will not be walking or driving to class in this heat!  Who knows, I may end up falling in love with the NCSU Wolfline like Brandi did with the 700 bus in last week’s blog 🙂 .

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