Raleigh downtowners take to the streets (for lunch, fun)

The answer is 17,912.

The question: Exactly how many people are  walking around downtown Raleigh during lunch time?

Thanks to a study done by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA) and the City of Raleigh Planning Department, we now have a pretty good understanding of when and how many pedestrians are out and about.  

It seems that lunch time is rush hour for downtown sidewalks. From 11:30am-2pm a total of 17,912 people were recorded; 2000 people were counted just between 12:45-1pm. Fayetteville Street is one of the busiest areas– the block between Hargett and Martin has the highest average of pedestrians per hour as well as the highest counts for the morning and lunch periods.

It’s not all about lunch for the Raleigh crowd, though. A total of 17,400 people were counted in Glenwood South on the weekend during late night and evening hours, with the block between Tucker and North streets having the most pedestrian traffic.

Raleigh’s counts tended to exceed the numbers from Greensboro, Knoxville, and even San Diego, a larger city in population, density, and area. The numbers, part of a city-wide pedestrian plan, also paint downtown as a vital, interesting place to live and work. One thing is for sure– with that many people walking around, there’s plenty opportunity for businesses to thrive.

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