Raleigh motorist collides with cyclist, no major injuries reported

Yesterday, Triangle Transit Employer Outreach Coordinator, Stephanie Lokya, received a disturbing email.  An avid Wake County cyclist was involved in an accident with a motorist during their commute. Fortunately for the driver and the cyclist, there were no major injuries. Accidents like these should remind us to obey the rules of the road and keep an eye out for each other. GoTriangle.org has some great tips for making the roads we share safe for everyone. Also, we have printed materials available, including wallet-sized cards with advice for drivers and cyclists. To request information, use this form. Read on for the scraped up cyclists take.

The driver side bumper made contact with the front tire, knocking the rider off the bike.

Despite maximizing their visibility, the motorist still didn't notice the biker. Fortunately, the rider did not sustain any major injuries.

It was about 6:45am.  I had just turned left off of Pleasant Valley Road into a shopping center where I then take an immediate right.  There was a car approaching the stop sign to my right.  He rolled through the stop sign cutting the corner at the same time and accelerated.  This is when I realized he hadn’t seen me, so I locked up my brakes and yelled.  I thought for sure he’d seen/heard me then, but apparently not.  My front tire hit the driver side bumper knocking me off the bike.

The only thing I would/could have done differently was turn my lights to strobe since there was enough light for me to see the road.  Otherwise, I think I did everything right.

I’m ok, just a little road rash, but I’m sure I’ll be more sore tomorrow. I’ve had close calls before, both my fault and others, but this was my first collision with a car.  This time I wasn’t even remotely at fault, and had done everything to be visible, lights, bright green vest, reflectors, etc.  I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But, the driver admitted it was entirely his fault.  I’m just glad it wasn’t worse.

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