Do I need exact change for the bus?

This article has been updated! Find it here: Bus Fare 101


Do you need exact change to ride?

Change is good, but it can be confusing. Especially when you’re talking about bus fare. Here’s the skinny on how the different transit providers handle change here in the Triangle.

Triangle Transit:  If  you’re owed money, the fare box will print out a change card which can be used towards your fare the next time you ride.

DATA: Technically, you don’t need exact change, but the drivers can’t give you change back and the fare boxes don’t issue change cards, so if you overpay you’ll get additional passes for later use.

CAT: If you’re paying your way using the bus fare box and you’ll need change, let your driver know before inserting your money so they can signal the fare box to issue a change card for later use. No physical change will be given.

CTRAN: Please have exact fare ready when boarding the bus; drivers cannot make change.

For more information about getting around using the bus, take a look at our Ride Guide!

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