#GoLove on the bus (bike, vanpool…)

I was going to ask people to tell us about their own "Bus Stop Wendy," but a quick Google search led me to the conclusion that I've been mishearing the lyrics to The Hollies' "Bus Stop" all these years. The lyric is actually "Bus stop, wet day, she's there, I say please share my umbrella." Who knew?!

Attention: Significant Others, Lonely Hearts, and all Romance-Immune Alt-Transit Fans

Notice all the pink and heartsy stuff that’s  popped up in retail outlets across the nation? No? Well let me be the first to break it to you– February is here and that means Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away4 days away!

If Cupid’s arrow missed its target this year, maybe this will get  you all gooey inside– we want to help facilitate your secret bus crush. Or tell the world about the friends you’ve made in your vanpool. Or just let you express your general love for navigating the Triangle on two wheels. We know there’s a lot of love out there for (and on!) alt-transit and we want to hear about it.

So if you’ve got your eye on a boy that rides your bus everyday, let us know and we’ll shout it from the cyber rooftops. Maybe you arrive to work energized for your day because your carpool driver is such a great gal– we want to hear about platonic love affairs too. Of course, if you’ve already met your Somebody Special while riding the bus, biking, or ridesharing, we definitely want to know your story. Lone wolves, too, can join the cause. Just write your very own valentine to the bus, your bike, or your own two feet.

UPDATED: For your tale of sustainable amoré, we’ll give the top entries:

  • 1st Prize  All There Is, the new collection of love stories from StoryCorp + $100 in Restaurant.com Codes +  GoTriangle Swag Bag
  • 2nd Prize $50 in Restaurant.com Codes
  • 3rd Prize $25 in Restaurant.com Codes

To enter, tweet your mini-love notes to us at @GoTriangle and use hashtag #GoLove. You can also post them on our Facebook page or email them to info@gotriangle.org with “GoLove” in the subject line. Pictures are worth a thousand words so be sure to get some photos to go along with your story if you can. Remember, we’ll share your submissions with our fans, so keep it cool, creative, and G-rated, mkay?

We’ll announce the winner on our blog on February 14th so get your entries in by midnight on Monday, February 13th.

3 thoughts on “#GoLove on the bus (bike, vanpool…)

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