Missed Connections: “I wish there were an app for being able to get up with you.”

I’m a big fan of Craigslist.  In fact, I owe my big red couch and my friendship with a  red-headed librarian to CL, not to mention all the things I’ve bought and sold on the site. So in honor of our #GoLove promotion, we’ve rounded up some very special Craigslist Missed Connection posts. Enjoy! 

There’s an app for that – m4m – 30 (Raleigh CAT Bus 12)

Posted 1/17/12. You and I were at the bus stop at the same time this evening. You had your bike and asked me if I knew the bus had been by.
I told you no cause I could look on my phone, and you were surprised there was an app for that.
You were hot and I wish there were an app for being able to get up with you.
You were shocked again to see me a few minutes later on Hillsborough St cause I rode the Wolfline, that was me winking when you smiled.
Hit me up bro.

>>>WE TALKED on the REX #4 – m4w – 58 (Raleigh)

Posted 1/8/12.  Hello, we talked about your limted 2 day work schedule, the Occupy Raleigh campers, love your sandy blonde hair, you were so easy to talk to , seemed as if nobody at your house listens to you, you’ve got a lot to say, I’d love to here more, can’t chance seeing you on the bus again, you know we’ve spoken before, just never an envolved conversation, my names Gerald , love to here from you and meet for coffee , someplace you’d feel comfortable not like a captive audiance like on the bus, thanks for being so gracious, bye for now….

Gorgeous NCSU student – m4m – 20 (Wolfline 9)

Posted 1/11/12. You sat two seats over from me on Tuesday. You were wearing a red hoodie. You are tall with a scruffy face…sooo attractive…and possibly gay? Can you tell me something so i know its you? What time of day? Where did you get off the bus? Etc. I really hope to hear from you!

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