And the winner is…

Happy Valentine’s Day (or Happy Tuesday if you’re not into that sort of thing)! Finding it a bit chilly today? Just sit back and let the sustainable transit love warm your heart. Thanks to everyone who entered our #GoLove contest.

1st place goes to Lauren R! She wins a copy of StoryCorps’ new book, All There Is, plus a collection of GoTriangle swag and $100 in codes. Her Facebook post has generated a lot of warm fuzzies.

In 1974 my 14-year-old mom split the cost of a brand new, bright green Schwinn Varsity Bicycle with her older brother. After riding that bike all throughout high school in New Jersey, my mom took it with her to college in Delaware, her newly wed life with my dad in NJ, and their first home in Pennsylvania. When her first child (me!) came along she attached a child’s seat to the back and I shared my first bike ride with her.

After many years of family bike rides and many more years or collecting dust in the garage, I rediscovered the green Schwinn during my last summer home from college in 2009. The joy it brought me riding around that summer prompted me to buy an old road bike for myself in Raleigh. Sadly that bike fell apart after only a few months, so on my next visit home I decided to spring the Schwinn from its garage graveyard and start it’s new legacy.

I’ve been riding the “cricket” (as I nicknamed it for its green color and eternal squeak) for the past two years, to and from work everyday and all around town in between. It is my primary mode of transportation and even though it’s older, heavier, squeakier than most new bikes out there, and certainly slower than most cars, to me it will always be better. Everyday I’m reminded of my mom and my childhood. Everyday I’m filled with pride and self-worth from transporting myself from one place to another with my own energy. My bike allows me to connect with my body, my environment and my city. I love my bike, I love its story, and most of all I love riding it.

2nd place goes to Alison Steube. She tweeted to tell us that she spent her anniversary (+1 day) on Chapel Hill Transit. How could we say no to such winning smiles? She’ll get $50 in codes. (Editor’s note: La Hacienda in Chapel Hill is my favorite place to cash in my own purchases. -BB)

3rd Place and $25 in codes goes to @MultiModalRDU. We loved this tweet about romance that started with a simple, “Nice bike!” and has culminated in a bicycle built for two and some toned gams. Now, can we see those legs?

You are a clever bunch. Take a look at the slideshow to see all the GoLove we got. If you’re a winner and haven’t heard from me yet, please send an email with your mailing address to Thanks again!

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