5 things you should know before texting GoLive


Sprinkled amidst all the praise and how-have-I-lived-without-it comments about GoLive, there’ve been a few complaints. If you’ve had problems with the app, you should make sure you’ve got the updated version installed on your phone. If you’ve tried to send a text to get your bus arrival time and had some problems, read on!

  1. I tried the text messaging but I got an error message back?
    Double check that you’ve  used a SPACE in between “golive” and the “stopID”.  There must be a space in between the two.  Also check that you sent the text to 41411. Signatures in your text messages should be disabled as well.
  2. I text from a stop where a lot of routes go.  How can I get just my route in the return text message?
    You can text to get a specific route without having to go through a list of all of the routes serving the stop.  To do this, just send the following text message to 41411:  golive r [route number/letter] s [stopID](example:  golive r 800 s 3239; this will get you a  text message that reveals when the next route 800 is leaving stop 3239). NOTE:  Make sure you put a space between each item in the text (i.e. golive[SPACE]r[SPACE]routenumber[SPACE]s[SPACE]stopID, golive r 800 s 3239).
  3. Do I have to pay for my text messages?
    Yes, standard text messaging rates apply
  4. I got a message back that said “No arrivals”.  Why?
    You’ll get this message for two reasons–  there are either no upcoming arrivals for the next 45 minutes or the route you’re looking for is not transmitting properly. If the system is offline you can still look for the vehicle on the GoLive mobile web page or smart phone app. No smartphone or web access? Just give us a call at 919-485-RIDE.
  5. I ride the same route from the same stop every day.  Can I save it as a favorite?
    Yep!  Once you’ve sent a text message and received the reply with the prediction, send a message with golive f to save it as a favorite.  The next time you want to get an arrival time, just text golive f to 41411 to see your list of favorites. You’ll receive a message with your favorite stops on it. Just reply back with the  number assigned to your stop (I’ve only got one stop saved on my favorite list, so I just reply back with “1”) and you’re well on your way. Edit: I got another tip from a tweep! If you text Golive f 1 to 41411 it’ll return your #1 favorite without needing to reply. Thanks so much for the tip, Bing!

Noticed anything else odd about the GoLive? Let us know so we can figure it out.

5 thoughts on “5 things you should know before texting GoLive

    • I just heard back from Transloc. They were stumped too, but they figured it out. Text “d 1” to delete the first stop in your list of favorites. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! EDIT: After testing it and having some problems, here’s what I figured out. You have to reply to the message with your favorites listed. You can bring up your favorites list by texting golive f to 41411. From there, just reply with d and the number of the stop you want to delete.

    • Hi Brad! I’m sorry it’s not working for you. Are you using the app or http://live.gotriangle.org? My app seems to be working okay from my iPhone right now. Have you checked for any updates on the app? Updating has resolved the issues I’ve had in the past.


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