Celebrities! They’re just like us…

I’m a Mad Men fan, and as I watched the show’s premier on Monday (I watch online), I got to thinking about Vincent Kartheiser, the actor who portrays my least favorite character, the smarmy Mr. Pete Campbell.  Vincent, as you might recall from an earlier post, is a fan of public transit. In LA, the city that doesn’t walk, Vincent uses the bus or subway to get around and he’s very vocal about it. In his New York Times interview Vincent had some choice quotes:

“It’s wonderful,” he said. “Instead of driving and being stressed out about traffic, you can work your scene, you can do your exercises or whatever on the bus. Everyone’s got their own deal.”

Now see– isn’t that exactly what we’ve been telling you about using transit? Naturally, seeing Pete on my screen after a year and a half absence inspired me to take to Google to see what other famous people eschew private drivers and fancy cars for a greener ride. Take a gander at the gallery and enjoy.

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