Go play in the street!

Join Bull City Open Streets as they close four blocks of Driver St to traffic on Saturday, June 9 from 4pm-7pm.

Once upon a time, back when we were first learning to interact with motor vehicles, people had to be told not to play in the street. True story. Major safety campaigns were launched to urge parents to teach their kids to stay away from the road. Now events are being organized to take the streets back from cars, even for just a few hours.

This Saturday is your chance to get back to the good ol’ days as Bull City Open Streets closes four blocks of Driver Street, from Southgate to Ashe, to vehicular traffic! From 4-7pm, cyclists and pedestrians will have their run of the place. With free bike-blended smoothies, jump roping, Zumba, dancing, and more, the event promises lots of family fun. 

The kids’ bike rodeo starts at 4pm. Hosted by the Durham Police Department, participants will earn a diploma for completion of a bike safety course. There’ll be lots of opportunity to run, jump, hula hoop, and play in the streets in Northeast Central Durham, so come out!  For full details, check here.

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