“Cheers” to transit! #TeleworkTuesday on #TransitThursday

This week’s karaoke was inspired by one of the businesses along Durham’s Bull City Connector route, the Pinhook. This friendly little bar is one of my favorites and tonight they’re hosting a Flavor Tripping  Karaoke Party and you’re invited! For a little inspiration, you might want to take a look at my “Cheers” to Transit video:

“Flavor tripping,” as the kids call it, is a mind bending (maybe even tongue twisting?) experience. After eating a little “Miracle Berry” things that normally taste  sour or bitter become sweet. From my own experience, limes were delicious and tasted like the best limeade you’ve ever had, plus a little coconutty goodness. Even the balsamic vinegar I found in my mother-in-law’s fridge tasted good. My taste buds returned to normal about 30 minutes after letting one of the tablets dissolve on my tongue, so don’t worry about having your tasters permanently altered. The Pinhook will have grapefruit, goat cheese, Tobasco, pickles, salt and vinegar chips, Guiness, wasabi, strawberries and more for you to try tonight. The karaoke is free, but the tasting portion of the party will set you back $5.

Remember, the Bull City Connector is the free route that connects Golden Belt to Duke, so why not make an evening of it?

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