From pork to parkour. This post has it all.

This is not a test. The image below is a piece of our Weekly Challenge “I Spy” game. Email us at and let us know you’ve seen this image for a chance to win one of our SmartCommute Challenge 2012 prizes.

Want to help your odds? Break out your Sherlock hat and look for our pigs on the bus and our other social media sites. Be sure to tell us the date and time the pig was posted and note that some of our piggies will make their appearance through Sunday. The person who submits the most pigs will take home a Kindle Fire.

I promised pork…done! Now is the time for PARKOUR. Watch as Enso Movement literally flips for transit in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

You might be asking yourself, why are the good people of GoTriangle promoting out and out horseplay on our area’s public transit systems? Take a look at Wikipedia’s definition of “parkour”:  

A physical discipline of movement focused on overcoming obstacles, for the purpose of getting from point A to point B in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

We happen to believe that transit and SmartCommuting (telework, biking, walking, rideshare) can help us overcome congestion and poor air quality here in the Triangle. We also think that transit is an important factor in maintaining our area’s quality of life when 1,000,000+  more people move here in the next twenty years.

Remember though– don’t try this at home (or on the bus!).

7 thoughts on “From pork to parkour. This post has it all.

      • Sure, I’ll post. Possible post topics 1-Bike/busing versus Biking, pros and cons; 2-Transitioning from car-based to bus/bike based commuting; 3-the Fear Factor; managing stress on your bicycle commute; 4-Winter commuting tips. 5-Choosing a bicycle commuting route. 6-Any topic you want me to research/post on.
        Good timing I guess with the SmartCommute Challenge how soon do you want something?
        Thank you for this opportunity. Spence

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