16 ways to win our #SCC2012 Photo/Video Contest

Here’s an insider secret for you, dear reader– we don’t have a whole lot of submissions for the SmartCommute Challenge Photo & Video Contest. Disheartening for us, sure, but that could mean very good news for you. Less competition means you have more chances to win and this particular challenge could get you $200 or a Kindle.

Remember that we’re not expecting a Wellesian piece of cinematic excellence– just a quick video or snapshot of your commute. You don’t need professional equipment to play this game, just use your phone or a flipcam. Need some ideas? Read on!

  1. Share the view from your bike. Half of all the viral videos I watch are from bike or dashcams. Show off your ride and win.
  2. Make a quick video introducing us to your vanpool family.
  3. SmartCommuters can notice things that drivers cannot. Take a picture!
  4. Do you dress to impress on your bike or telework day? Show us.
  5. Get inspired by the colors and the movement of your commute. Instagram your bus, the station, your carpool, your stop.
  6. Do you do a quick change when you ride your bike to work? Let us see a before and after and help us prove that biking doesn’t wreck you for rest of the day.
  7. Take your bike to the prom (or just dress like it). Take a picture or make a video showing how you got gussied. These Tour de Fat folks know how to do it.
  8. Flash mob (but don’t be disruptive). Check out this birthday surprise for a Danish bus operator.
  9. Make a video showing us your commute. Especially if you telework.
  10. Film yourself singing a song about transit. You can even use ours!
  11. #FlipForTransit response video. Don’t hurt yourself!
  12. Take a vanpool family portrait.
  13. Like your driver? Tell her how much you appreciate her and get a picture together.
  14. “It’s Easy, Baby” response video. Just off the top of my head, I’m thinking it would be great for a more mature group of Triangle citizens to recreate.
  15. Show off your sweet telework setup.
  16. Organize a carpool sing-a-long and video it.

All you need to do is upload your photos and videos to your social network of choice. Make sure you tag @gotriangle and use the hashtag #SCC2012 so we can find you! Not a member? Just email your entry to info@gotriangle.org

The deadline for entries is 11:59pm on 10/15. Good luck!

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