A salute to SmartCommuters of TV Land!

I like to watch a little Murder, She Wrote before retiring for the evening. The other day I had a startling revelation– J.B. Fletcher, Cabot Cove’s first lady of mystery, doesn’t drive.  This got me thinking. Did TV teach me the benefits of  sharing my ride or getting around using my own metabolism? Maybe so. After all, what’s interesting about driving around by yourself?

Here’s four of my favorite fictional characters who would be SmartCommuters if only they lived or worked in Wake, Durham, or Orange Counties.

Jessica Fletcher
Murder, She Wrote
Mode of choice: Bicycle, Telework
Job: Mystery writer, amateur sleuth

Did Jessica dream up her devious plots while getting stuck in the latest Cabot Cove traffic jam? Of course not! Riding free as the wind along the Maine cliffs surely inspired her fictive exploits and allowed her the presence of mind to notice her surroundings. Watch out, criminals!


Sam & Dean Winchester
Mode of choice: Rideshare in a sweet 1967 Impala.
Job: Hunters (we’re not talking Bambi)

From DeviantArt by MandarbShadarLogoth

These two brothers have had their up and downs (and I’m talking waaaaaaay down), but for the most part they’ve managed to vanquish some tough characters using their wits, special skills, and  a 1967 Chevy Impala. This classic car boasts plenty of leg room for passengers and ample trunk space for all your demon hunting supplies.


Doctor Who & Companions
Mode of choice:  Rideshare in the sweet, sweet Tardis.
Job: Time Lord 

The eleven doctors of BBC’s Dr. Who vary in personality, but they share one common trait– they don’t like to traverse space and time by themselves! Speaking of travel, maybe you should find a carpool companion at ShareTheRideNC.org?

From Wikipedia.

Pee-wee Herman
Mode of choice: Bike
Job: Delight

Pee-wee so loved his bike, that he went cross country to find it. Did Pee-wee drive by himself while tracking down his ride? Nope! He got by with a little help from his friends, including Large Marge (click for some Halloween fun!)

Can you think of other fictional characters who have eschewed the solo-driving lifestyle? Let us know in the comments!

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