What does ‘The Princess Bride’ have to do with Downtown Durham?

Food truck rodeo + The Princess Bride + Downtown Durham = Fun

I have a confession to make.

I am 31 years old and I can’t quote you one full line from The Princess Bride.  Now I know that Mandy Patinkon’s character introduces himself and says something about patricide and end of life preparations, but I’d have to google to get the wording just right.

For many years I lived my life blissfully unaware of my pop culture deficit. Cut to college.  It only took getting caught once in the crossfire of quote exchanges at a party before I borrowed a copy from the MRC and retreated to my room to watch it. I enjoyed the movie. I really did. But I didn’t enjoy it like most of my friends do. I always thought the magic could be enhanced with a good group of pals and a larger format.

Guess what, readers! That time has come. To celebrate the anniversary of SYNCStudio’s Downtown Durham location, there’s going to be a Downtown Block Party, complete with an outdoor showing of The Princess Bride.  Did I mention that you’re invited? The fun doesn’t stop or begin with Wesley and Buttercup’s story either– the good people of SYNC have planned a food truck rodeo (with Chirba Chirba, Triangle Raw Foods, and Porchetta), pop up shops, a free raffle, and a dance-a-thon.

So what are you doing this weekend?

Saturday, October 13th at 6:00pm
The Princess Bride begins at 8:30pm, just after the free raffle!
913 Lamond Avenue  Downtown Durham


Located in Downtown Durham in the Trinity Park Neighborhood, just off of
West Main Street.  Parking is available on the street, as well as in our private parking lot. You could also get to know Durham a little better with the fare-free  Bull City Connector.

Take the Bull City Connector!

The BCC runs every twenty minutes on Saturday until midnight.

The BCC is free!

Parking is available at:

Durham Centre Deck
300 Morgan Street
The BCC Stop is at Chapel Hill & Main or Corcoran & Main

Lot 32
Chapel Hill & Ramseur
The BCC Stop is at Main & Mangum

Chapel Hill Deck
326 East Chapel Hill Street
The BCC Stop is at Main & Mangum or Corcoran & Main

Lot 8
200 Block of Parrish Street
The BCC Stop is at Corcoran & Main

One thought on “What does ‘The Princess Bride’ have to do with Downtown Durham?

  1. Hi gotrianglebb – did you know that a one-man show “My Princess Bride” is playing right now at Common Ground Theatre in Durham through Feb 17? The creator/performer is Joe Brack, from Washington, DC, and the show opened last weekend. Two more weekends to test your knowledge of film quotes and the book, with the added bonus of Joe’s charisma and humor. Check out http://cityartisticpartnerships.org/cap/
    Thanks! Emily (publicist)

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