Bull City Connections

This month we have been in Durham quite a bit to announce the upcoming DATA service changes.  Shameless Plug: If you haven’t heard, be sure to check out data.gotriangle.org for more information.

So, last Thursday, we boarded the 700 from the Regional Transit Center to Durham Station and then hopped on the BCC in route to Lilly’s Pizza. While waiting on the bus, we called in our orders and were told that they’d be ready in 15 minutes.

We have both been to the Lilly’s in Raleigh so we were both excited to see if there were going to be an noticeable differences between the two locations. As it turns out, the vibe couldn’t have been more different from the Glenwood location.

Where’s Lilly’s Pizza?

http://lillyspizza.com/ is located at 810 West Peabody Street

Using the BCC you’ll get off at:

Main St. at Gregson St. or Go Live Stop ID: 6387

Lilly’s is in between Parker and Otis and Peabody Place.

What did you order?

Nola: The lunch special! I got two slices of pizza with two toppings and a drink for less than $7! Great deal!

LJL: I had a Pigs in a Blanket appetizer, which really wasn’t what I expected. It was more of a calzone but I definitely wasn’t disappointed. I also had a Roasted Veggie Salad with roasted zucchini, mushrooms, yellow onions, rosemary roasted red potatoes, baby spinach and broccoli, which was delicious! A unique feature in all Lilly’s salads is that the croutons are more like tiny yeast rolls than crunchy squares.

How was the service?

Nola: When we walked inside we were greeted by the bartender. I said, “We just called in an order for…” and before I could finish he said, “Leah? Would you like to dine in?” He continued to be prompt with our food service and drink refills which was great considering we were on a tight time schedule.

LJL: I really liked that we could get in and out without a lot of fuss, which makes it a great spot for fast dine-in service on your lunch break.

Overall Impression?

Nola: Atmosphere:  I like the Durham location a lot more than Raleigh. It may have been the time of day, but it’s a quieter atmosphere and cleaner. The smoke from the kitchen at the Raleigh location always leaves me huddled over their hallway sink trying to wash my eyes out and I didn’t have the same problem in Durham. The lighting and artwork were really nice as well.

LJL: Food: There were the same great flavors as the Raleigh location but in a more open space. I like the roominess of this location and there are lots of unexpected twists in the menu, making Lilly’s a more unique experience than what you would get at a run-of-the-mill pizza joint.

Would you eat here again?

Nola: No doubt about it!

LJL: Next time I crave Lilly’s, I’m taking the DRX from Raleigh to Durham and hitting up this location again.

We were out the door and back on the BCC in about 40 minutes, with plenty of time to set up for our event.

Word to the Wise: Sure there’s parking surrounding this location, some might even say tons of parking, but there’s a certain type of feeling you get walking through a parking lot towards your destination as others continue to make laps looking for an empty space. Maybe it’s joy that creeps out as a smirk or simply the sudden urge to moon walk, but no matter how you choose to express that feeling- it’s a good one!

Lilly’s is a great place to grab a quick bite or linger so we highly recommend that you give it (and the BCC) a try!

Check back with us in November for our next BCC lunch date!

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