And the winner is ….

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the Smartest Commuter of them all?

Just kidding! We don’t actually know yet. The SmartCommute Challenge ended on Monday but pledge takers have up to two weeks to track trips ex post facto.

We still need your help though. We all know that the Challenge isn’t about cash, Kindles, and commuter bikes. No, we want to impact the way people get around in the Triangle and reward those who go the extra mile (sometimes literally) to use sustainable commute options. One way we have to show our appreciation is with our annual Golden Modes award ceremony, a celebratory fete we’ll use to announce our SCC 2012 winners and the people who go above and beyond in their daily lives to advance SmartCommuting in the Triangle.

So strap on your thinking helmet and take a few moments to let us know who  you think is the smartest commuter of them all. Do you know of an organization or employer that brings attention to commute options? Drop a dime on their good habits and they could get recognition.

To nominate a commuter or a specific contact at your employer for a Golden Mode use this link:

To nominate a company or organization that should be honored for their contribution to clean commuting use this form:

Remember you can nominate a coworker, someone you carpool or take the bus with, or  even yourself! Whatever you do, please mark your calendar now for 3:30 – 5 p.m. on Friday, November 9th to join us at Top of the Hill in Chapel Hill for the Golden Modes Awards ceremony.

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