Big winners here!

You’ve heard of the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, the Heisman Trophy, and tons of other accolades, but what about a Golden Mode?

Simply put– the Golden Modes event is our time to spotlight commuters who go to great lengths to advance alternative transit in our community. We ask commuters to tell us about people they know who bike, bus, carpool, or walk to work. Much to our delight, we received a record number of nominations this year.

We’re very pleased that these people and organizations took home a Gold(en Mode) or Challenge prize:

Employer Commuting Honors
Wake Tech Campus Police
North Carolina State Bar
NC Dept of State Treasurer
Town of Chapel Hill
RTI International
North Carolina State University

Employee Transportation Coordinator Honors
Horace Rozier, BD Technologies

The Golden Sneaker (Walking)
Kelly Chambers, NC Department of Justice

The Golden Spoke (Biking)
Dan Clever, GlaxoSmithKline
Richard Sloane, National Institute of E nvironmental Health Sciences

The Golden Ticket (Bus)
Bryan Ryan, Wake Technical Community College

The Pool Party Award (Rideshare)
Bennie Encarnacion, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

SmartCommute Challenge Results & Winners

Lauren Ramsey                       Kristy Dactyl,
#SCC2012 Photo Winner     #SCC2012 Video Winner

Patrick Nesheim                                                                       Emily Pike
Marvin Hubbard                                                            Terrence Winborne
Bridgit Burch                                                                      David Sparks
Katherine Kovach                                                             Gina Turrini
Regina Evans                                                                     Heidi Bretscher
Angela Kime                                                                       Megan Fork
Patrick Short                                                                      Alesia Hardy
Jonathan Stubbman                                                        Ben Colman
Anne Moldow                                                                     Carolyn Koning
Sarang Brahme                                                                 Ross Mickens
Deepti Chinta                                                                     Gerard Lum
Joe Clifton                                                                           Karenn Cox
Kelly Tucker                                                                      Chrissy Voelker
Gwen Privett                                                                    Manny Garcia
Anna Tal                                                                            Robin  Gasparini
Cliff Conklin                                                                      Waris  Jinadu
Shanna Wood                                                                   Jeanette Stanley

For more information about the award recipients, check out the 2012 Golden Modes Program.

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2 thoughts on “Big winners here!

  1. Thanks. Maybe next year SECU will be a winner.

    Bob Woodson

    State Employees’ Credit Union

    SVP – Personnel

    Ph: 800-634-8017

    Fax: 919-743-6068

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