GoPass going away for State of NC employees


The GoPass, a benefit offered to State of NC employers here in the Triangle, is going away as of 12/31/2012.

Sad news, folks!

The NC Department of Administration has discontinued its participation in the GoPass Program, effective December 31, 2012.

Please note that the City of Raleigh, NCSU, UNC, and other organizations WILL continue to participate in the GoPass program. For a list of employers that provide transit benefits, including the GoPass, check here.

If you are affected by this change and are interested in continuing your sustainable travel commute, here are some options:

CAT Pass (for unlimited travel within Raleigh):
• 31-day pass: $36
• 5-day pass: $8.50

Regional Pass – The Regional Pass covers all transit agencies in the area with unlimited transfers:
• 31-day pass: $68 (for regular routes only)
• Discounted bundles – $20 for 6 day passes; $40 for 12 day passes
• Express Regional 31-day pass (for regular and express routes): $85

View the list of all of the passes, where they can be purchased, and the prices.

If employees need any assistance with the website or have problems purchasing a pass, please call the GoTriangle Customer Information Center at 919-485-RIDE (7433).

For those that want to try carpooling, please visit Share The Ride NC to look for carpool partners. We also have ‘bike buddy’ matching if you’re interested in a more active commute. There are also several vanpools heading towards downtown or other State agencies that have open seats. Check here for more details:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

*Editor’s note: The Department of Administration is answering questions about the GoPass situation.  State employees that have questions should email or call 919.807.4499. 


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