Bull City Connections

Bull City Connections is back (we sincerely apologize for missing our November post)! It seems that these two amateur foodies just can’t seem to get enough tapas, because our third restaurant stop is Mateo Tapas in Five Points.

  Mateo Tapas MenuWhere’s Mateo Tapas?

http://mateotapas.com/ is located at 109 WEST CHAPEL HILL STREET

Using the BCC you’ll get off at:

Stop 10: Five Points

E. Chapel Hill St. at Main St.

GoLive Stop ID 6305


What did you order?

HamburguesaNJ: I had the Hamburguesa minus the onions. However, I added the Hoop Cheddar and a side of Shoestring Potatoes. The shoestring potatoes are really tiny, so you’ll probably need a fork or someone sitting across from you that doesn’t mind when you shovel potatoes into your mouth.

LJL: I ordered the Jamon y Queso bocadillo with
Serrano ham, goat cheese, and pepper jelly on a toasted baguette. The combination of the goat cheese and pepper jelly was fantastic but the bread was just a little too thick and crusty for my taste. I definitely still recommend it!

Jamon y Queso BocadilloHow was the service?

NJ: Service was great. We were seating immediately when we walked in. Our waiter was really funny and kept our water glasses full, which I always appreciate.

LJL: Tapas menus can be a little overwhelming if you haven’t ordered it before, especially when most of the menu is written in a different language. Our waiter gave us a quick but thorough explanation of the menu and actually said, “We try to give you a game plan and then we let you attack the menu.”


Overall Impression?

NJ: Super cute! I love the décor! Everything feels really intentional and reclaimed at the same time– something that a lot of places struggle to pull off.

LJL: I love the choices they made with the seating and light fixtures. While the restaurant isn’t especially roomy, oversized mirrors on both long walls help open the space up. In general, Mateo feels casual but tasteful—a great spot for lunch with a coworker or friends.

Would you eat here again?

NJ: Yes! Their burger rivals many popular burger joints in the area. I liked the addition of chopped short rib to the burger. Next time, I would probably leave the Hoop Cheddar off and just stick with the pimenton aioli. Outside of the food, the place just has a really nice vibe to it.

LJL: There were so many other items on the menu that I wanted to try that I’ll have to come back soon. I think next time I’ll come for dinner and order a variety of small plates since I was curious about so many of their options.


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