Bull City Connections

Happy Belated New Year, BCC foodies! This month we found our way to Alivia’s Durham Bistro. This particular day treated us with temperatures in the 60’s and a covered patio, but we promise our review was not influenced by the great weather. Enjoy!

Where is Alivia’s Durham Bistro?

Alivia’s Durham Bistro (aliviasdurhambistro.com) is located at 900 W. Main Street

Using the BCC you’ll get off at:Alivia's Club

Stop 24: Brightleaf Square Main

Main St. at Gregson St.

GoLive Stop ID 6387

What did you order?

NJ: I decided to go with Alivia’s Club Sandwich minus the ham, but I added their pesto cream sauce. For a side, I chose the Bubbly Mac and Cheese (which you can also order as an entrée when it’s on special).

LJL: I’m a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to Cuban sandwiches and I’m always eager to see what kind of personal touch a restaurant adds to this classic. Alivia’s special edition is apricot-black currant chutney, combined with spicy mayo. It’s honestly one of the best Cubans I’ve ever had, by far—and the chutney gets the credit there. Alivia's CubanI also had the Bubbly Mac and Cheese as a side, because who can resist the gooey, sometimes crisply-crusted deliciousness of a freshly-baked personal macaroni and cheese? I certainly can’t.


How was the service?

NJ: Service is really casual here. You don’t feel rushed to move your meal along, so that was nice. Our waitress was also really helpful when it came to making recommendations and confirming the changes I wanted to make on my sandwich.

LJL: The service was pretty good. I always enjoy a server who really knows the menu and is happy to make recommendations, or (most often in my case) help a patron choose between two equally tempting menu selections. Our waitress seemed to know the menu inside and out and gave me detailed reviews of each of the options I was considering.

Overall Impression?

NJ: I really like the outside of the building! Doesn’t hurt that my favorite color is green though. When I walked inside I got a typical bar/tavern feel, but the food is nothing of the sort. I also really like that they have three options for seating- outside patio, covered patio, and indoor.

LJL: This is the kind of place that’s great for a relaxed, casual lunch with co-workers or friends. On the other hand, there are some great looking dinner options as well. I don’t find my self in Durham around dinnertime very often, but I may need to find an excuse to hit up Alivia’s in the evening soon (they offer a Pan-fried Ravioli entrée that sounds like it’s worth the trip from Raleigh).

Would you eat here again?

NJ: To be perfectly honest, this was my second trip to Alivia’s. The first time I stopped by, I had their Bubbly Mac and Cheese as an entrée with a side Caesar salad. I’m telling you right now, the mac and cheese is reason enough to return again- I did.

LJL: I really hope to eat here again, sooner rather than later!

Do you have a place that you’d like us to review along the Bull City Connect route? Let us know!

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