2012: The GoTriangle Year in Review

  1. January 2012

  2. We ended 2011 by launching GoLive, a Triangle-wide resource for real-time bus arrival times. Damien Graham, Triangle Transit’s Director of Communication and Public Affairs, appeared on a January 2012 episode of My Carolina Today to tout the benefits of GoLive.
  3. February 2012

  4. We got a lot of positive feedback about GoLive, so we invited cyclists, transit users, and ride sharers to create a special Valentine dedicated to their favorite way to get around. We called this campaign “#GoLove” (get it?).

    Members of our marketing staff greeted morning riders at the Regional Transit Center on February 14, 2012. Take a look at the video below to see the #GoLove entries and meet our marketing staff.
  5. While all the #GoLove stories made us smile, our winner, Lauren Ramsey, bowled us over with a tale of bike love thirty-seven years in the making.
  6. Raleigh got into the spirit too and turned the R-LINE into a love bus! Riders were treated with a free cupcake and some music from the Raleigh Charter A Capella Group.
  7. March-April 2012

  8. There was so much love in 2012! Just before spring, we started shooting our “I Heart Transit” campaign. We asked local business owners to step up and show their support for better transit in the Triangle. For the full gallery, check here.
  9. A marketing staffer drew this homage to some of our participants.

     From left to right: a light for our amazing Anonymous Photog, cape for Bull City Burger and Brewery, beer for Tir Na Nog, chicken for Mama Dip, a Stitch-inspired bag, Raleigh Denim jeans, skates for the Carolina Roller Girls, Bronto’s dino (with zesty Cackalacky breath), the Parlour ice cream truck, Burt’s Bees, Merge Music. Not pictured: Eschelon Hospitality, Transloc, Johnny T-Shirt, Spanky’s

  10. May 2012

  11. We had a goal of making a bigger splash on YouTube in 2012. With a budget of $0, some creativity, and a whole lot of cute, we rolled out It’s Easy, Baby! in May. This video helped earn us the 2012 Adwheel Grand Prize for Social Media
  12. Of course it wasn’t all fun and cute babies– ridership numbers were up for CAT!
  13. June 2012

  14. We unveiled our “I Heart Transit Gallery” and opened up the lovefest to the general public by inviting everyone to step into our photobooth to take a picture for transit. We hosted our first event at Durham’s @Fullsteam, followed by a July date at Raleigh’s Tir Na Nog. Our final event was in October at Chapel Hill’s West End Wine Bar.
    Click here for the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill galleries.
  15. July 2012

  16. Our area became the first in NC to utilize the Bus On Shoulder System (BOSS) on July 16. The program, still in its pilot stage, allows authorized transit buses with trained drivers to operate on the shoulders of selected freeways at low speeds during periods of congestion in order to bypass congested traffic and maintain transit schedules.
  17. Of course, we storyfied the whole thing. See what people had to say here:
  18. August 2012

  19. The dog days of summer didn’t slow us down! 
  20. The Bull City Connector, Durham’s fare-free route from Duke to Golden Belt, got some fancy new shelters along its route thanks to Durham Area Designers and artists Al Frega of Durham; Christopher Vespermann of Cary; David Wilson of Apex; and Sharon Dowell of Charlotte. The new shelter featuring David Wilson’s stained glass design was unveiled August 1 at the Oldham Towers stop.
  21. The shelter and the bus were both featured in @ClarionContent’s Fashion Drive-by.  To quote our fashionable friends: “To recognize the spirit, the vitality, and the importance of public transit, we wanted to shoot some of our fashionable Durham men, fully styled, riding the busin operation, a Fashion Drive-By on the Bull City Connector. We have a FREE bus, people. Cities this size, this culturally fly, don’t have free public transportation. Surely, not in America. Oh, but yes, here in Durham.”
  22. Triangle Transit didn’t get a close-up, but 7013 riders did take their buses on August 29, a new ridership record!
  23. September 2012

  24. We moved our annual SmartCommute Challenge to the fall to freshen things up a bit. We started the whole thing right with a carnival-themed kick-off complete with soft pretzels, popcorn, and frozen custard.
  25. While we had no ring toss or lucky ducks on hand, we did manage to have some good, clean (commute) fun. In the Squeal of Fortune (pictured below), contestants spun the wheel for a bike-themed trivia question. Correct answers earned tickets to our raffle contest. Other games included Angry SOVs (an Angry Birds-esque challenge featuring Single Occupancy Vehicles) and Words with Rideshare Friends.
  26. Would you trade your car for a bike? Steve Hinkle did. Hinkle, a chaplain with Duke Chapel’s InterVarsity graduate and faculty ministries, made the switch at the 2011 Tour de Fat. He spoke with our attendees about his drastic lifestyle change and offered insights from his time on the road.
  27. We also released our most popular video to date, #FlipForTransit. If you’re not counted among one of the 8000 views, do yourself a favor and watch now. Transit has never looked so cool.
  28. What does all that flipping have to do with transit in the Triangle? The GoTriangle blog explains:

    “You might be asking yourself, why are the good people of GoTriangle promoting out and out horseplay on our area’s public transit systems?

    Take a look at Wikipedia’s definition of “parkour”: 

    A physical discipline of movement focused on overcoming obstacles, for the purpose of getting from point A to point B in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

    We happen to believe that transit and SmartCommuting (telework, biking, walking, rideshare) can help us overcome congestion and poor air quality here in the Triangle. We also think that transit is an important factor in maintaining our area’s quality of life when 1,000,000  more peoplemove here in the next twenty years.”

  29. October 2012

  30. We wrapped up the SmartCommute Challenge on October 15. Want to know how much money and emissions were saved? Well, wonder no more:
  31. In this year’s SCC video contest, we invited everyone to show off their commuter style. Biker, Kristy Dactyl, took home top prize for her video:
  32. November 2012

  33. Orange County voters approved a half-cent tax tax for transit in the November election. 
  34. Durham County voters approved the transit tax in November 2011. Collection of the tax will begin in April 2013. For more information about the Durham-Orange Regional Transit plan, check below.
  35. December 2012

  36. Happy holidays!
  37. Triangle Transit Ambassadors strike a pose at the Carrboro & Chapel Hill Holiday Parade.
  38. GoTriangle is a partnership of public transportation agencies, and organizations funded to promote commuter benefits in the Triangle.

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