Oaks and Spokes coming March 1-10

Raleigh's Inaugural Bicycle Festival rolls into town March 1st - 10th, 2013 in and around Downtown Raleigh. Join us for social rides, game nights, charity races and more! All events are free to attend and open to the public.

Raleigh’s Inaugural Bicycle Festival
March 1-10.

I’m giving you fair warning now– the first 10 days of March are going to be epic. In fact, you might need to start preparing now.

Don’t believe me? Take a gander at what the organizers have got lined up for Oaks and Spokes, Raleigh’s inaugural bicycle festival:

Friday, March 1st:  Bike First Friday, Raleigh Bikes Art Show

Saturday, March 2nd:  Triangle Tweed Ride and the “Party Like It’s 1899” after party!

Sunday, March 3rd: Oak City Open Bike Polo, Frankenbike Part Swap

Monday, March 4th: Bike-in Movie

Tuesday, March 5th: Benelux Cafe Social Ride

Wednesday, March 6th: Bike and Build

Friday, March 8th: Crank For a Cause, Velolympiad

Saturday, March 9th: WESACat, NC Ride to the Capitol

Sunday, March 10th: Kidical Mass

Want to help make this festival a success?  Help spread the word! This is a grassroots endeavor and needs all the exposure it can get. Like the page on Facebook, share with your friends, and go!

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